Saturday, November 21, 2009

Verizon Blackberry 8530 launches quietly

Research in Motion's Blackberry Curve goes for sale on Verizon Wireless online.

One of the quietest debuts for any RIM phones in a while, but will be a hard sell with the 8900, Bold and Storm on sale for a penny(all have a better camera and resolution). With the Motorola Droid, HTC Hero and iPhone GS released this summer some great RIM products are left in the storm(no pun). RIM should focus on ONE product or two and do it well then release it to the market. Some of the recent products didn't give customers a great reason to switch over and felt/were incomplete at launch.

1. The original bold went through complete plastic surgery(I believe in Germany).

2. They forgot to add the Trackpad and Wi-Fi on the Tour. %50 of people returned or exchanged the Tour due to faulty trackpads.

3. And due to outdated contract styles they released the blackberry 8530 on Verizon/Sprint, 6 months after they release the blackberry 8520 on T-Mobile.

Don't get me wrong RIM is a great company with a lot of great products and a proven history of innovation. But if they want to be the best in this game that's changed dramatically in the last two years. They will have to get their act together. The iPhone only release one phone and one upgrade this year. Their customers have little confusion over what is what. With RIM within the last 360 days we've seen, The Flip, 8900, 8520/8530, Tour, Storm 2 and Bold 2. Even more confusion on which has 3.2 mega pixel cam, 480/360 res, 3G and Wi-Fi. If the customers are confused that means the management and company are confused as well.

It's really funny how a lot of companies are copying the iPhone at every square inch. But in last two years they can't do the one thing the iPhone has done well. Make one solid product and then release it when it's ready with a bang, not quiet release.

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