Thursday, November 19, 2009

even Wired and Walt Mossberg Shocked:Palm Pre now at $79.99 84% off list

The prices of the phones are dropping day by day. This maybe Palms strategy to get rid of unmoving inventory before the holidays and everyone rushes in for the discounts on the iphones etc... As seen below from the tweet from Walt Mossberg and Wired Magazine that the smartphone wars are indeed getting brutal. But it's a smart chess move on Palms part to make the best of the sales before others start over the holidays. As we've seen the blackberry curve, bold and storm are a penny now too

RT @wired: Think the smartphone wars aren't brutal? You can get an "iPhone killer" Palm Pre now for 80 bucks — 84% off list.

Even the seasoned tech Guru's Walt Mossberg surprised RT @waltmossberg: Whoa! Drastic cuts! The Palm Pixi I reviewed yesterday is now $25 on Amazon down from $100; the Pre dips to $80 from $150. (via @kabster728)

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