Friday, July 31, 2009

CNN's Larry King interviews Ashton Kutcher & Diddy on their epic battle

Sean "Diddy" Combs @IamDiddy and Ashton Kutchner @AplusK interview by Larry King @CNN

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Google Founders: ted presentation: larry page & sergey brin

Google founders, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, give insights to TED audience about Google

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simple SMS hacks controls your iPhone or Android phone via a text messag

Security experts have exposed a hack that could allow anyone illegal entry and control of your iphone or Android phone. And yes Windows mobile too is affected by the hack as well.

Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner experts in the field of data security have revealed the dangerous hack. You only have to receive the message to get hacked; you don’t even have to do anything with the text message.

read more here:

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digg Dialogg: Marissa Mayer

Digg Dialogg with Google's Marissa Mayer from Digg Videos on Vimeo.

Google fires back @ Apple by removing Apple from search results

In a rare somewhat childish move, it is reported that Google has: "removed all search results leading to from its index. Google is also redirecting searches for "iPhone" and "app store" to the page for Payback."

They say it's a coincidence but the trash talking between Google's VP Marissa Mayer and Steve Jobs may suggest otherwise. "Steve Jobs hinted that another strange coincidence might occur soon. "Safari may be getting a different search engine, just saying," said Jobs.

"Oooh, I'm shaking," said Mayer

The root of this is Apple's growing yay or nay stance as to what goes on the Apple store... Some argue what if Microsoft had to approve every application? When Microsoft added the Explorer to every PC it was an outrage. Now when Apple adds Safari to every phone it's sweet:? Well Google not to be outdone with Chrome OS will be adding more sweetness by making the browser the OS...

Well truth is while these companies are bored because of the position of wealth power and tiny competition: other companies out there are doing their work and will evolve to the likes of Facebook and make these lame scuffles childish.

More here:

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Google Launches Latitude for iPhone

Official Google Mac Blog: Google Latitude for iPhone

Normally the iPhone always get the new apps, in a strange odd twist of events, this time round their the last to enjoy Google's Latitude.

Google's Latitude lets you see where your friends are. You can share your location with friends that you allow to see your location status.

To start using Latitude, go to from the iPhone's browser

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

HTC Hero Launch Event Video

This phone might be the only real competition to the iPhone... Combination of Google and HTC is a reputable adversary...

People first
Power and Value

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Behind the scenes with Google AJAX API Developers - Around me Developer

Google AJAX APIs Blog: Behind the scenes with two AJAX API Developers: "AJAX Language API, AJAX Search API"

AJAX API is critical to a users interface experience for the iPhone application AroundMe

Marco Pifferi is the developer of AroundMe and gives his thoughts on AJAX API's and tips for developers

Further below Jimmy Moore developer of Mibbit - build with JavaScript - supports IRC, Twitter, Yahoo and AOL... Showing how he used the language API, MAPs API and Youtube API

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Behind the scenes with Google AJAX API Developers - Around me Developer

AJAX API is critical to a users interface experience for the iPhone application AroundMe

Marco Pifferi is the developer of AroundMe and gives his thoughts on AJAX API's and tips for developers

Further below Jimmy Moore developer of Mibbit - build with JavaScript - supports IRC, Twitter, Yahoo and AOL... Showing how he used the language API, MAPs API and Youtube API

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CNN's inside look at Taiwanese electronics

CNN's Andrew Stevens visits Taiwan Electronic Manufactures, ASUS & ACER and interviews their CEO's.

HTC's CEO discuss's new products and strategy on CNN

CNN's Eunice Yoon sits down with HTC CEO Peter Chou to talk about the company's strategy for marketing its own brand.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Twitter slams TechCrunch Journalists, what to take from this?

In a unfortunate event, a hacker compromised Twitter's system and offered the documents to a journalists. Both events Twitter was not understandably happy about, their data being compromised and the release of the information by the journalists. In the Twitter blog they lashed out at the Journalists by saying:

Twitter is more than jotted-down notes from a handful of meetings. Our future will be shaped by the passion and inventiveness of everyone who uses Twitter and through the execution of our ideas. Nevertheless, the publication of stolen documents is irresponsible and we absolutely did not give permission for these documents to be shared. Out of context, rudimentary notes of internal discussions will be misinterpreted by current and future partners jeopardizing our business relationships.

We are pursuing a path to address the harm caused by these actions and as noted yesterday, we've already reached out to the partners and individuals affected. @Biz

What can we learn from this situation? 1. Never use the same Password for multiple sites 2. Twitter was lucky that their vulnerabilities were exposed, though not in a away anyone would want it. 3. Lots of companies are now on guard not to repeat the same mistake 4. Luckily by the problem being exposed, it prevents other people from secretly monitoring their date or other peoples data.

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Nokia's Profits Plunge as Apple/RIM dominate w/ %35 of Profits w/ only %3 of the market, from Britney Spears to CEO's of Cancer orgs own an iPhones

Nokia's Profits Plunge as Apple/RIM continue Their dominance of %35 of Profits with only %3 market share... From Britney Spears to heads of Cancer organizations have an iPhone/Blackberry

The worlds largest cell phone maker Nokia. On Thursday, last week, posted staggering 73% drop in second-quarter net profit to 287 million euros, or 0.10 euro a share, from 1.08 billion euros, or 0.29 euro a share, earned in the year-earlier quarter. Adjusted earnings came in at 0.15 euro a share. Sales declined 25% to 9.9 billion euros.

Apple's leading the way though with the smallest but fastest growing market share. Apple is also now the most profitable phone maker in the world.

higher end phones are only 13% of total cellphone sales globally, but growing, although the general cellphone market is steeply declining. Apple and RIM had about 32% of the smart-phone market between them by IDC estimates. RIM though still strong is struggling to maintain it's lead.

The US obsessed with celebrity culture has helped fuel the growth in Smart Phones. Even Britney Spears that claimed she wouldn't buy an iPhone because she didn't want to look like everyone else has given in to the new iPhone 3GS. Similar to the days when she endorsed Pepsi but the was seen drinking Coca-Cola. Even David Blaine, Lindsay Lohan, Katherine Heigl and Goldberg are toting Apple's latest tempting fruit.

What makes the iPhone special is it's simplicity. The Nokia and Samsung phones are as complex as high school periodic tables. A visit to their web site and you'll see:

  • N97, N96, N96(music edition), N95, N86, N85, N82, N810 etc.... literaly to the Nth degree
  • SCH-a570, SCH-a645, SCH-850, SCH-870, JACK, Omina, Instinct, Exclaim, Propel, Eternity SGH-A867, SGH-777...etc...

When someone mentions an iPhone people know what phone their talking about. When people mention Nokia or Samsung, you have to study a chart to know what your talking about. It appears like those companies have NO identity.

The iPhone when released in 2007 was revolutionary but not yet at full gear. The price was robbery, fundamental features were lacking(copy/paste, 3G). Now with phones in the $99, $199 & $299 market with no messy mail-in rebates and decent support structure. We will see a exponential growth with the iPhone within the next 3 years. I'm willing to bet after next years Christmas they will have more than %50 of the Smart Phones Market share.

What all the competition needs to look at to be able to have a chance at survival versus iPhone Planet is study history. The history in how the iPod took over the portable device market. if you remember you will see that Sony also had a periodic table of walkmans, where as Apple had one product.

Having one product is the biggest competitive advantage a company can have. It shows that you understand what elements are a must have and which ones are worth sacrificing. In the end simplifiy the choices for the consumer. Yes some would argue varity is the spice. However now the variety exists in your playlist, facebook friends, twitter buddies, pandora music, etc...

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Free Macs? Well the other Mc is giving free coffee or Iced Mocha's on Mondays

McDonald's from 7:00am until 7:00pm and receive a free hot coffee or iced Mocha McCafe sample.

Free and no purchase necessary.... they say it will last through out the summer... In a move that appears to be strategic to take a piece of Starbucks and Dunkin Donut's market share with coffee. They want to introduce while give people a reason to see if maybe their coffee is as good or better than the competition.

"Each McCafé espresso-based coffee starts with fully ripened Arabica coffee beans harvested by hand in Central America, South America, and Indonesia," the press release said. "Each drink is made with premium ingredients, including freshly ground espresso beans, real milk, rich chocolate syrup, and fresh whipped cream. The beverages are fully-customizable, available with whole or non-fat milk, with or without whipped cream, and with fewer or additional shots of espresso or pumps of chocolate syrup."

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

CRAZY PCWorld iphone 3g stress torture tests(video)'s Senior Editor Tim Moynihan applied a serious beating to the Apple iPhone 3G using keys, breakfast cereal, water, dish soap, and city sidewalks.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steve Jobs rocking at Cold Play Concert

Would it be cool to be at a cold play concert and meet one of the greatest inventors/businessman... Who's ideas have revolutionized industries and peoples lives? Well that was the case for band members and VIP's back stage at a recent Cold Play concert.

“I’ll be honest with you folks, the only thing that mattered to me tonight was the presence of one Steve Jobs. I’m a confirmed Apple devotee and I really cannot imagine doing the job I do now (or even having got into this line of work) without my Macbook Pro (and all the Powerbooks that went before it). Creating these tools and putting them into the hands of folks like me was the vision of this man…"

“I spot Steve chatting with Dave Holmes outside the dressing room and suddenly feel like a star-struck teenager. In order to get the gall up to speak to the guy, I down a double espresso. The mixture of caffeine buzz and feeling like a cheesy little fanboy means that all I can manage to say to him is “Thank you so much”. I realise that I’m quite simply making a tit of myself and so excuse myself as fast as I appeared."

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13 inch Macbook pro at 1099

For those of you in the market for a new Macbook Pro, that seems to be a good deal. As always we recommend you do your own due diligence after you decide which Macbook your buying.

British Open Golf Championship 2009 - iPhone app

We've all seen the commercial. App for this App for that. Not to be outdone in time for the British Open Champion ship. R&A has released a official iPhone app called "The Open Championship".

Visit the iTunes Store or download the app on your iPhone. The new version features many new revisions.

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A unique website that kind of crawls the web and allows you to stay on top of all the gadget news that your interested in. Like a mini news assistant. Pretty clever idea!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Tether your Mac to your blackberry

For all you Mac Fans out there, who own a Mac and not an iPhone are in luck. Especially if you are luckily on Sprint. As two areas they can't be beat is in price and data.

Now you won't have to really on spotting wireless networks to get on to the internet or ATT starbucks(Excuse 2 buy coffee) etc... if you own a Sprint device with a wireless plan you can use it to surf the web.

See link below on Specific instructions for Mac:

for windows devices your not out of luck sprint has a special software for it. It can be found on

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Google releases official Google Voice Apps for mobile Phones - starting with blackberry and android

to download the app from your phone go to was sold to google and is now know as Google Voice. Started by Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for Google Voice and a co-founder of GrandCentral

place calls on device and have recipients’ calls display the Google Voice number
view voicemail transcripts within the application

I've been using Google voice since June 2007 when it was Google made the briliant move to purchase a company that makes a lot of things very simple.

You can screen callers, listen in before taking a call, also if needed record calls, even better block unwanted numbers. It also transcribes messages. Also the unique feature of ringing all of your phones at once.

you can find out more here

Sign up to follow google on twitter for more updates

go here to request an invite


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hysterical Craig on iPhone versus Microsoft(can't keep up)

Sprint, Verizon launch Blackberry Tour, will it compete with the iPhone?

It's been a long time since Sprint, Verizon have upgraded their blackberry line ups and a lot has changed since then. The iPhone that was atleast "5 years ahead of the competition' as Steve Jobs put it is even further ahead now. All the weak points, copy & paste, 3G, price etc.. have been corrected and they are now on the 3rd version in less than 2 years.

The blackberry tour, you'll notice none of the big shot editors have bothered taking time out to review it as their's not that much change other some physical hardware.

-256 on board memory
  • 3.2-MP auto-focus camera with geo-tagging functionality - easily identify where you took your pics.
  • MicroSD™ card slot supports up to 16 GB (256MB RAM)

Summary the phone is a great improvement/brush up from previous blackberry models. But nothing to be impressed with or for anyone to want to be stuck with in a 2 year contract. Especial after witnessing what the iPhone has accomplished in two years.

However for anyone perfectly happy with the blackberry as is and only cares about reliability, phone and speedy email. This blackberry is highly recommended. With the dive in RIM's market share I would expect them to release a more engaging device Fall this year if they plan to stay in the game. And with that in mind wouldn't be fun to be locked in this contract for 2 years for minor upgrades.

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Samsung to launch new 800Mhz GT-B7620 will it beat the iPhone

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional,
  • 800 MHz processor;
  • dedicated graphics, SMS, MMS, Email, RSS, IM, WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML,
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS, A-GPS support,
  • Business card scanner,
  • Work & Life mode,
  • MP3/WAV/e-AAC+/WMA/AMR player, DivX/XviD/MPEG4/3gp/H.263/H.264 player,
  • Photo/video editor, Pocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF viewer)

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Amazing, time to appreciate today's advances(comedy)

RT @tonyrobbins: I tweeted this 6 months ago...saw it and laughed again! watch

Consumer Reports iPhone 3 Gs vs Palm Pre

Monday, July 13, 2009

Google adds The super-trustworthy, anti-phishing key

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: The super-trustworthy, anti-phishing key: any email claiming to come from one of eBay's or PayPal's domains actually comes from them. We do that by looking at the "From" header, and when it says "" for example, it means it really did come from Anything else is rejected; it won't even appear in your spam folder because Gmail won't accept it.

Turn on "Authentication icon for verified senders" from the Labs tab under Settings, and you'll see a key icon next to verified emails that are super-trustworthy.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone(Your life in a pocket)

Steve Jobs shows that "SmartPhones" are not that
smart and not easy to use.

IPhone way Smarter over 200 PATENTS!... "5 years ahead of competition"

*The multitouch
*Fitting OS X into the iPhone.

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Steve Jobs introduces iPhone 2007

"A day i've been looking forward to After 2.5 years of development... every once in a while a new product is introduced that chances everything"
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Macbook Pro introduction part 2

Steve Jobs Macbook Air introduction: Classic 2008

The world's thinest notebook... Highlights how much better it is than the Sony laptop that was the top of the line at that time

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Flash Back, 2006 Macbook Pro introduction(Video) by Steve Jobs

more info on the iphone

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sprint updates Blackberry Tour availability(update)

@sprint: BlackBerry Tour availability update: On sale via and Telesales at midnight EDT on 7/12. (Sunday morning).

@sprint update BlackBerry Tour will be available only online & through Telesales (800-SPRINT1) at launch. In-store sales will be announced at a later date.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

13 inch vs 15 inch MacBook Pro

I guess 13 may turn out to be the unlucky number when picking between the 13 or 15 in Macbook Pro... though the author adds 13 is fine as is because the cost in getting a fully vamped 15" may not be worth it.
  • The option of faster graphics circuitry The 15 inch can be ordered with a combo of the embedded NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and the discrete NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, whereas the 13 inch is available with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M only. Apple Aperture becomes more sprightly with a faster graphics card, and when comparing how responsive the program is when layering RAW adjustments such as Highlights & Shadows on a Nikon D3 photo that has also been corrected to straighten a horizon, the GeForce 9600M GT definitely makes Aperture feel snappy and responsive. But, the GeForce 9400M is no slouch in this department; Aperture's interface does drag slightly by comparison, but the difference is less pronounced than we were expecting.

    In addition, the GeForce 9400M can play Canon EOS 5D Mark II 1080p video full screen on an external 1920 x 1200 pixel monitor, without stuttering or hesitation. This camera's unedited video tends to cause lesser video cards to collapse during playback, but is no problem for the MacBook Pro 13 inch.

    Without question, the GeForce 9600M GT is the more powerful graphics option, but the GeForce 9400M is none to shabby and seems more than adequate for various photo and video tasks.

  • The option of a faster processor The 15 inch can be ordered with up to a 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, whereas the 13 inch tops out at 2.53GHz.

  • The option of a faster hard drive Only the 15 inch can be ordered from Apple with a 7200rpm drive, the 13 inch is restricted to 5400rpm ones (plus SSDs).

Click here to see the indepth look at the Macbook Pro and it's Screen Quality by by Rob Galbraith

more info on macs:

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13-inch Macbook Pro get's more praise

Computer World's Ken Mingis praises the new MacBook Pro... if your in the market for purchasing a new laptop it's worth the read. Definitely a buyers market now, especially with Google entering the Netbook Market...

  • "Wider gamut" means more life-like colors and deeper color saturation. As an example, I took a picture this spring of a purplish-blue iris that, on the just-discontinued MacBook, looked very good. But on the new MacBook Pro, the same picture is stunning. - Mingis

  • "the smaller Pro models not only get processor speed bumps, they also get a major improvement in battery life, an SD card slot, a FireWire 800 port, a better LED screen and, debuting in the entry-level version, Apple's highly regarded backlit keyboard. (As someone who used the 2.0GHz MacBook -- the one without the lighted keyboard -- for a couple of months, I can attest to the usefulness of the backlighting, especially with the black keys.)" Mingis

more info on macs:

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