Monday, July 20, 2009

Twitter slams TechCrunch Journalists, what to take from this?

In a unfortunate event, a hacker compromised Twitter's system and offered the documents to a journalists. Both events Twitter was not understandably happy about, their data being compromised and the release of the information by the journalists. In the Twitter blog they lashed out at the Journalists by saying:

Twitter is more than jotted-down notes from a handful of meetings. Our future will be shaped by the passion and inventiveness of everyone who uses Twitter and through the execution of our ideas. Nevertheless, the publication of stolen documents is irresponsible and we absolutely did not give permission for these documents to be shared. Out of context, rudimentary notes of internal discussions will be misinterpreted by current and future partners jeopardizing our business relationships.

We are pursuing a path to address the harm caused by these actions and as noted yesterday, we've already reached out to the partners and individuals affected. @Biz

What can we learn from this situation? 1. Never use the same Password for multiple sites 2. Twitter was lucky that their vulnerabilities were exposed, though not in a away anyone would want it. 3. Lots of companies are now on guard not to repeat the same mistake 4. Luckily by the problem being exposed, it prevents other people from secretly monitoring their date or other peoples data.

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