Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steve Jobs rocking at Cold Play Concert

Would it be cool to be at a cold play concert and meet one of the greatest inventors/businessman... Who's ideas have revolutionized industries and peoples lives? Well that was the case for band members and VIP's back stage at a recent Cold Play concert.

“I’ll be honest with you folks, the only thing that mattered to me tonight was the presence of one Steve Jobs. I’m a confirmed Apple devotee and I really cannot imagine doing the job I do now (or even having got into this line of work) without my Macbook Pro (and all the Powerbooks that went before it). Creating these tools and putting them into the hands of folks like me was the vision of this man…"

“I spot Steve chatting with Dave Holmes outside the dressing room and suddenly feel like a star-struck teenager. In order to get the gall up to speak to the guy, I down a double espresso. The mixture of caffeine buzz and feeling like a cheesy little fanboy means that all I can manage to say to him is “Thank you so much”. I realise that I’m quite simply making a tit of myself and so excuse myself as fast as I appeared."

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