Wednesday, July 1, 2009

is the blackberry tour competition for the iPhones?

The release though a major upgrade for blackberry enthusiast on Verizon & Sprint. it's a unexciting phone in the age of Palm Pre's, Androids and iPhones... It seems like a old but goody from a previous generation. it comes with 256MB which is miniscule in this age. I don't know if anyone who like to be stuck in a two year contract when this time next year the Pre's, Droids and Iphones will have taken more leaps.

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verizon blackberry tour unboxing!

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BlackBerry Tour pre-orders not available for Verizon Wireless customers looking to upgrade

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Sprint to launch BlackBerry Tour on July 12th, $199.99

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more info on the iphone

more info on the blackberry

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