Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Google fires back @ Apple by removing Apple from search results

In a rare somewhat childish move, it is reported that Google has: "removed all search results leading to from its index. Google is also redirecting searches for "iPhone" and "app store" to the page for Payback."

They say it's a coincidence but the trash talking between Google's VP Marissa Mayer and Steve Jobs may suggest otherwise. "Steve Jobs hinted that another strange coincidence might occur soon. "Safari may be getting a different search engine, just saying," said Jobs.

"Oooh, I'm shaking," said Mayer

The root of this is Apple's growing yay or nay stance as to what goes on the Apple store... Some argue what if Microsoft had to approve every application? When Microsoft added the Explorer to every PC it was an outrage. Now when Apple adds Safari to every phone it's sweet:? Well Google not to be outdone with Chrome OS will be adding more sweetness by making the browser the OS...

Well truth is while these companies are bored because of the position of wealth power and tiny competition: other companies out there are doing their work and will evolve to the likes of Facebook and make these lame scuffles childish.

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