Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sprint, Verizon launch Blackberry Tour, will it compete with the iPhone?

It's been a long time since Sprint, Verizon have upgraded their blackberry line ups and a lot has changed since then. The iPhone that was atleast "5 years ahead of the competition' as Steve Jobs put it is even further ahead now. All the weak points, copy & paste, 3G, price etc.. have been corrected and they are now on the 3rd version in less than 2 years.

The blackberry tour, you'll notice none of the big shot editors have bothered taking time out to review it as their's not that much change other some physical hardware.

-256 on board memory
  • 3.2-MP auto-focus camera with geo-tagging functionality - easily identify where you took your pics.
  • MicroSD™ card slot supports up to 16 GB (256MB RAM)

Summary the phone is a great improvement/brush up from previous blackberry models. But nothing to be impressed with or for anyone to want to be stuck with in a 2 year contract. Especial after witnessing what the iPhone has accomplished in two years.

However for anyone perfectly happy with the blackberry as is and only cares about reliability, phone and speedy email. This blackberry is highly recommended. With the dive in RIM's market share I would expect them to release a more engaging device Fall this year if they plan to stay in the game. And with that in mind wouldn't be fun to be locked in this contract for 2 years for minor upgrades.

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