Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Blackberry Curve 8530 up on Sprint web site

It's a great new phone, if your up on your contract we'd recommend the blackberry Tour. The only real new thing with the blackberry curve or Tour Light is the Trackpad. Other than that there's not much of a difference versus the older trusty blackberry curve. The screen resolution is still the same at 320/240 and camera still at 2.0. The Tour however is the best blackberry on the market until the blackberry 3.2MP camera with Flash and Auto-Focus. And a better construction, world wide GSM(including local ATT & Tmobile incase you ever decide to crossover). Also the Tour has a more potent battery at 1400mAh vs the Curve at 1150mAh.

In short the Tour and Curve will look different but will be closer in price. The Tour will hold greater value in the long run if you decide to sell it locally or overseas or switch providers locally or overseas. The trackpad is great but don't let it fool you of it's real value...

The curve is simply RIM's attempt to win in the market they can win in now which is the lowend. However customers have become spoiled and expect more for less of a price. If apple's selling a iPhone at $99 and Droids are selling at $179 it will be hard to pull wool over the customers eye. By cutting down on the Resolution, battery life, Camera and sturdiness. In short RIM would have been better off only launching one product the Tour on Verizon and Sprint. I'm guessing they don't want executives seen with the same devices as savvy teenagers. Well Apple has been able to rock that balance as well as cocacola. Same product across the tax brackets...

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