Friday, November 20, 2009

Blackberry Pearl and Bold slams iphone in Media speed test(RIM's secret revealed)

Research in Motions Blackberry Pearl knocks out the iPhone with downloading movies.

The old saying you can't judge a book by it's cover has never been so true and is more valid when applied to cellphones. As we've seen the blackberry curve has twice the SAR levels of the blackberry storm. Gregory A. Quirk of Semiconductor Insights takes a look under the hood of the phones and see's what most reviews don't. Most only look at the specs that the manufactures give them.

Now it appears that the Blackberry Pearl 8120 about 5 times faster than the iphone when transferring media files to the phone. Very useful if you down a lot of files to your phone or in the event you need data recovery.
"According to the average transfer rates shown earlier, the iPhone would take 23 minutes, the BlackBerry six minutes using its media manager and five minutes when using direct file transfer"

"The secret behind these speeds is the Cypress Semiconductor CYWB0124AB... Instead of routing files from the computer through the phone processor to the storage device, the west bridge sets up a tunnel running from the computer directly to the storage device."

It worked so well for the blackberry pearl 8120, RIM later implemented it into the Blackberry Bold. I'm guessing that it is probably in every new blackberry device. Blackberry Bold downloaded movies nearly 3 times faster than the iphone at a rate of 13.9 Mbytes/Sec with Movies, TV & CD's. While the iphone 3G was moving only at 5 Mbytes/Sec. Again RIM's secret here is the Cypress Semiconductor CYWB0124AB... Another great thing that Gregory discovered that they other phones couldn't do is "you can still watch video and listen to music on the BlackBerry's internal memory while downloading content to the MicroSD card"

to see the video here of the Bold showing Apple they aren't the best at everything;jsessionid=FLB20EME2CT5TQE1GHPSKHWATMY32JVN?articleID=203101718;jsessionid=FLB20EME2CT5TQE1GHPSKHWATMY32JVN?articleID=212002500;jsessionid=FLB20EME2CT5TQE1GHPSKHWATMY32JVN?articleID=218900528

more info on the blackberry

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