Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sprint Blackberry Phone as Modem tethering - what they don' want you to know

How to use your Sprint Blackberry as a Modem,

It's great to use the blackberry as a highspeed modem especially with a Blackberry Tour that's Rev. A(Rev. O. is fine for basic email n youtube). Times when your traveling or in areas with no wi-fi it can be one of the most usefull features the phone as.

The EV-DO feature of CDMA2000 networks provides access to mobile devices with forward link air interface speeds of up to 2.4 Mbit/s with Rev. 0 and up to 3.1 Mbit/s with Rev. A.

When you purchase the Tour, the Stores, Sprint etc... Will automatically put you on the "Simply Everything Plan" and quickly tell you that the phone isn't compatible with any other plans. For most phones like the HTC Hero and Instinct that is true and unless you find a work around your stuck.

What you do is ask the Customer care to move you to the talk 450 plan and add the blackberry $30 data pack and $15 phone as modem(It includes text messages and picture messages). A added bonus is you won't miss anything from the "Simply Everything Plan" as it will include the free calls to any mobile carrier.

We've tested the Blackberry Tour phone as a modem on the Sprint Network. It worked phenomenally well and we were able to watch a full length movie on Netflix and Hulu with no interruptions. That could be a great come back ad for Sprint/Verizon to Apple, "Can your phone/network do that?". But they most likely won't, they'd rather users use their own wi-fi or be stranded with out laptop connections than their networks to be congested.

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