Monday, November 23, 2009

sprint blackberry phone as modem?

Sprint Phone as a Modem?

Recently Sprint has confused a lot long time savy customers with their new "Simply Everything Plan". A feature that was valuable to many users was the use their phone as a high speed modem. It was a add on or included with older 'grandfathered plans'. That feature has been removed from newly activated plans by Sprint fiercly giving new customers no option but to use the "Simply Everything Plan" to customers looking to upgrade to a Blackberry 9630, HTC Hero, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Pro 2 etc... They've trained their reps to use a meaningless word that "those phones aren't compatible with older plans or phone as modem features"??? All of those phones come with built in modems and are of course compatible with any data plans.

Well Sprint is struggling to stay afloat with the economy and every fleeting to the iPhone ship. They've mercilessly ripped a page out of ATT's iPhone playbook. That says, if you have a hot phone lock them into a plan whether they need the features or not. With ATT iphone are locked into the $30 data and voice plan. And Sprint their 'simply' locked into the "Simply Everything Plan" for $69.99. Regarless off wether or not the plans meet their needs. Sprint has non-verbally said "To Hell with being Fair and Flexible".

AS seen in this forum and similar sentiments throughout the web, customers aren't at all fair and flexible when the wool from the carpet is pulled;jsessionid=5CCA6FB2DCA014E030C4349DEC1DDAAF.app1jive1

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