Thursday, November 19, 2009

T-Mobile Blackberry 9700 on Amazon/ Review

We like the Blackberry Bold 9700, what separates the new Blackberry Bold 9700 and Old Blackberry Bold 9000 from the rest of the Blackberrys is our favorite 3G feature, simultaneous voice and data. The Blackberry Bold(9700 & 9000) is the only blackberry on ATT/T-mobile with 3G. It helps on the occasion you still want to browse the web, chat on blackberry messenger and send/receive emails while your on the phone.

Added bonuses on the Blackberry Bold are the new Optical Trackpad, High resolution 480x360 pixel color display screen with over 65,000 colors, 3.2 MegaPixel Camera(takes excellent photos with the flash even at night) and excellent battery life 6hr talktime(1500mAh cryptographic Lithium cell).

On the non-technical practical user side it has great essential feature. You can clearly hear the person your talking to and the 6hr talk time is excellent. Also the feel of the keyboard(What blackberry does best) makes it easy when typing large emails or engaging chat sessions.

T-Mobile New Blackberry Bold 9700:

more info on the blackberry

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