Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Matt Cutt's Video: how to Optimize Google

notes on Matt Cutt's talk at "WordCamp San Francisco 2009"

WordPress he says solves a lot of problems.
---don't need to do a lot of stuff
(Number of people that link to you and how important they are)- Crawl in order of PageRank, faster to be found, deeper, often check to see if it's refreshed.
---backlinks - back link obession
relevant and reputable
relevant-content, care about, passion, write often, write everyday, get practice

keywords-what a regular user is going to say
keyword tool...
Title and URL and Categories

!!! KEY! B INTERESTING e.g. Fake Steve Jobs

Google Analytics: Related Blog Posts give people more to do. Capitalize on the bounces.

Lesson from Katamari Philosophy
- Start Small in a small niche. Don't reach, you can get there gradually. The lesson your always reaching and looking to roll up bigger things. then build up build up and build up

more on

more SEO Tips from Google

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