Friday, November 20, 2009

New Blackberry 3G Pearl 9100 striker stratus video

Blackberry Pearl 9100 aka Striker aka Stratus

On September 12, 2006 when Research in Motion released the blackberry Pearl it showed the power of innovation and style in the cell phone industry only second to the Motorola razor. It came from left field coming from a manufacture that made very masculine phones that weren't at all commercial. It was the tipping point for RIM from the business market to the consumer market. It was the smallest lightest(3.2 ounces) and most smartphone per square inch.

BlackBerry Pearl has one of the world's finest USB sideloading performance. Their sideloading architecture upgrade from 8100 provides them with Hi-Speed USB and ultra fast connection to the microSDHC card, capable of transferring 1GB file in less than 70 seconds - over 16Mbyte/s transfer rate. This transfer speed significantly surpasses that of the iPhone, Motorola RAZR or Sony Ericsson Walkman because the 8120/8130 uses the Antioch chip from Cypress Semiconductor, a Westbridge peripheral controller enabling "direct connection between peripherals, creating ultra-fast transfers"
The comparison discovered that the RIM Blackberry phone using the CYWB0124AB West Bridge Antioch™ controller could transfer a feature-length movie in just over two minutes, reaching speeds of over 13 Mbytes per second. The other 3G phones tested took from 4.5 minutes to 38 minutes to sideload the same movie file. Full details of the comparison are available at, and a corresponding video is available at

They have removed what make it unique and gave it it's name the TrackBall(that looked like a Pearl) and replaced it with the TrackPad. When the Blackberry Bold, Curve and Tour replaced the trackball it didn't seem odd but it seems awkward with the Pearl. The phone has the same features as older blackberry models with the exception of 3G and the trackpad.

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  1. Easier to read and organize email functions that previous BB phones.