Friday, November 6, 2009

are new 3G speeds on Blackberry placebo's?

Like millions of blackberry fanatics I went out and bought one of their latest blackberry's on the market. Promising more memory, crisper screens etc...

However I came to find the device quite slow and sluggish. The older versions were a lot snappier and the screens never froze. The new ones even take just about 5 minutes to reboot. Not sure where the problems stems from, could be that RIM has added a lot to it's OS in trying to compete with the Droids and iPhone. The source of the problems I don't know. Even after updating the software, removing unnecessary software etc... Users are still finding their devices to be quite slow... below are some links around the net showing this new but growing problem with the blackberries...

Freezing. Sluggish. Enough is enough

blackberry slow - yahoo answers

Running slow - Crackberry forum

Blackberry Slow - Blackberry Support Forums

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