Wednesday, November 18, 2009

iPhone Flash Back(Phil Schiller talks to CBS news John Blackstone

Looking back sometimes gives us a fresh perspective on things. This youtube video goes back to January 10th, 2007(where were you that morning;). When the iPhone was announced. Apple's executive Phil Schiller gives John Blackstone a first look at the iPhone.

Some of the interesting things that he said was "this is the advanced iPod we've ever made". The key point highlights some key advantages that the iphone has over it's competition All of the competing phones with the iphone(HTC Hero, Windows Mobile, Motorola Droid, Nokia etc..) have one thing in common, applications can't be stored to the 3rd party microSD. Also the big problem with the microSD's is that they slow down the phones and different phones require different classes of memory.

Simply put the iphone killers come with "Memory not included". If it is because it's subpar it's slow and sluggish.

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