Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blackberry 8520 another small timer with Alzheimers

With phones these that come with 16-32Gigs... 256MB phones are in the wrong weight class... To make it more interesting it's the first blackberry that's lost it's marbels... It's the first with no trackball... but at the entry price of $49.00, I guess they can get away with it... We have to thank the good folks at Apple... if the iPhone wasn't out, you could be sure they would have priced it at $199... iPhone has humble players on the market..

The features are a light weight body 3.8oz/106g ,
256MB on board memory and 256MB flash,
a crisp High-resolution 320x240 pixel color display
talk time of Up to 4.5 hours

Where it differs from the Tour released last week on Verizon & Sprint is it has no trackball, lighter and has WiFi... Though the Tour has a better display High-resolution HVGA 480x360 pixel color display

Some Twit terachi folks believe the blackberry Gemini has a chance "@animalsteele: New Blackberry Curve 8520 $48.88 and It's FIRE; No trackball" @AnimalSteele is a hiphop taste maker and is behind the success of some of the industry's best. But will he be right about the T-mobile's new Blackberry Sidekick?

See the unboxing for the video here:

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